Microsoft Surface Duo to come with ‘app group’ multitasking feature

Recent rumours suggest the phone could be launching a few months

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is going to have an ‘app group’ feature to make it easier for users to multitask on the device.

The feature will essentially allow users to create pairs of apps that they often use at the same time and add a shortcut to them on the home screen. Clicking on the shortcut would then open both of the apps at once.

Samsung has a similar feature for the same purpose and calls it ‘App Pairs.’ Sony also has the feature and calls it ‘multi-window.’

The Surface Duo was announced last year in the fall, and Microsoft was expected to release it during the 2020 holiday season. However, recent rumours suggest Microsoft is looking to launch the phone in a few months.

Microsoft may be moving up the release date of the Duo to try and steal the show from Samsung’s next foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold 2 which is rumoured to launch in August.

The Duo features two side-by-side 5.6-inch displays that fold all the way around. This means you can use the phone as either a single screen or dual-screen smartphone. Notably, there’s no screen on the outside, so you have to open it to view the screen.

Source: GSMArena