Waze rolling out brand refresh with ‘Moods’ and new colour palette

Waze has announced a brand refresh that will begin rolling out to users with new ‘Moods,’ a new grid system and an energetic colour scheme.

The company says the app refresh is meant to recreate the Waze experience and “inject even more fun into every drive.”

“With a new grid format based on our map, new Moods to capture the infinite array of emotions we all feel while driving and a lively colour palette that celebrates the joy that we always try to bring to the road,” said Jake Shaw, the Waze head of creative, in a blog post.

The new ‘Moods’ are meant to reflect how users feel on the road. Waze says a dozen drivers could all feel different in the exact same situation, so it wanted to capture as many of those feelings as possible. It notes that there are many unique emotions and feelings that people can represent through the Moods.

There are currently 30 Moods available, but Waze says this is just the beginning and that it wants to represent all different types of people in all different moments on their journey.

Waze also outlines that it wasn’t interested in being a clean or minimal tech brand and wanted to showcase its uniqueness with its colour palette. It says it wanted something friendly and joyful.

Further, Waze notes that the elements of its refreshed brand are based on a grid system to allow for consistency. The design is mainly reflected through its new block-by-block system. The company says the system brings its community-built map into its designs.

The new redesign is rolling out to users starting today.

Image credit: Waze