Tesla’s second-quarter delivery stats surprisingly beat Q1

On the other hand, production is down

During Tesla’s second financial quarter of 2020, the EV company delivered a total of 90,650 electric vehicles, which is quite a bit more than it did prior to COVID-19.

The second-quarter runs from the beginning of April to some time in June, so you’d think it would be safe to assume that the company sold/delivered fewer vehicles. However, it appears that Tesla’s online ordering and lack of dealerships has worked in its favour.

Out of the 90,650 cars delivered, 10,600 of them were the higher-cost Model S and Model X vehicles, while the remaining 80,050 were Model 3s and Model Ys.

During the first quarter, the automaker delivered 88,400 electric cars. Of that total, 12,200 deliveries were Model Y and Model S trims, and the remaining 76,200 of these were Model 3s and Ys.

On the production side of things, the numbers aren’t as positive. The company built 6,326 Model S/X vehicles and 75,946 Model 3/Y cars for a total of 82,272. In the previous quarter, it made a total of 102,672 vehicles with 15,390 of them being Model X and Model S variants and the remaining 87,282 were Model 3s and Model Ys.

Musk seemed aware of this issue throughout this quarter as he struggled to keep the Tesla factory in Alameda County, California open amid the height of COVID-19 shelter in place orders. There was even a point where Musk asked employees to come back to work at the factory despite Alameda County health officials not giving the company the go ahead to re-open. 

That said, forcing the factory to re-open did work in Musk’s favour since shortly after the county allowed the factory to resume work legally.

Source: Tesla