Amazon delivery man caught on video stealing package he delivered

The man can be seen marking the product as delivered and then leaving with it when the coast was clear

An Amazon delivery driver has been caught taking a package he had just delivered.

Speaking to CTV News, the Amazon customer — who asked to be referred to as Deep — said he recieved a notification that his package was delivered, but was told by his son who was at home that it hadn’t yet arrived.

In doorbell camera footage Deep provided to CTV News, the delivery driver can be seen leaving the package at the doorstep, taking a picture to prove it’s there and then taking and leaving it with it after making sure nobody was watching. The man then walks to his car, puts the package in his trunk and drives away.

An Amazon spokesperson told CTV News that the driver works for a contracted delivery service and his actions do not “reflect the high standards we have for delivery service partners.” As a result, the company has confirmed that the driver in question is “no longer delivering Amazon packages.”

Further, the company has refunded Deep for the order on top of providing him a future credit and an apology.

These types of ‘porch pirates’ aren’t new, unfortunately, especially as online shopping continues to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, most people likely wouldn’t suspect their delivery driver of stealing packages, especially as many of the thieves caught on camera seem to be random people.

With that said, there are a few ways you can try to mitigate risks associated with online deliveries. If you’re planning to be at home when the package is set to arrive, you can request to have the delivery require a signature.

Alternatively, you can always have your order shipped to a workplace or friend or family member’s home if you’re unavailable to receive it yourself.