Google to host Android 11 Reddit AMA for developers on July 9

The AMA will be the first of three and will focus on Android 11 compatibility

Google has announced plans to hold an ‘AskMeAnything’ (AMA) on the Android Developers Reddit (r/androiddev) next week to answer questions about Android 11.

The Android engineering team plans to host the AMA on July 9th and will start answering questions at 3pm EST/12pm PST. The AMA will last an hour and 20 minutes.

Further, the team encouraged Redditors to submit questions ahead of time.

The AMA will be part of Google’s ‘#11WeeksOfAndroid,’ the company’s pseudo-replacement for the cancelled I/O conference this year. It will be the first of many AMAs run by Google and will focus on Android 11 Compatibility. The next AMAs will focus on Android Developer Tools and the Android UI.

Google says the AMA will include the following participants:

  • Chet Haase – Android cheif advocate, developer relations
  • Dianne Hackborn – Manager of the Android framework team (Resources, Window Manager, Activity Manager, Multi-user, Printing, Accessibility, etc.)
  • Jacob Lehrbaum – Director, android developer relations
  • Romain Guy – Manager of the Android Toolkit/Jetpack team
  • Stephanie Cuthbertson – Senior director of product management, Android
  • Yigit Boyar – TLM on architecture components; +recyclerView, +data binding
  • Adam Powell – TLM on UI toolkit/framework; views, compose
  • Ian Lake – Software engineer, Jetpack (Fragments, activity, navigation, architecture components)

Of course, the AMA is strictly for asking technical questions about Android 11, which means there likely won’t be a lot there for the average user. That said, it could be interesting for everyone, developer or not, to get access to and insight from some of the answers shared in the AMA.

It remains to be seen, but if the AMA and online-only style of Google’s Android 11 sessions work well, it may make more sense for the company to keep doing things this way instead of through a big conference like Google I/O. That’s not to say Google will stop doing I/O — instead, the conference could look a lot different in a post-COVID-19 world.

Source: Reddit