OnePlus gives first look at low-cost Nord smartphone in Instagram ad

As happy as I am to see the phone, this ad is like a bad car commercial

To kick off Friday, OnePlus has given us our first look at the OnePlus Nord in a brief Instagram ad.

Most of the shots of the phone are so short that you need to pay attention to see them, but right at the end, the camera pulls out to reveal the front of the device clearly.

It appears to look similar in size to the OnePlus 7T and 8, and many of the other physical characteristics seem to be a mix of those two devices. For example, it features a flat-screen like the 7T, but a full-screen display with a hole-punch camera like the OnePlus 8.

The camera module looks about the same size as the unit on the OnePlus 8 as well, so it likely includes a two-lens camera system on the back. This lines up with a lot of the recent leaks, but we’re still unsure if the extra lens is for zooming or ultrawide shots.

Sadly, the phone isn’t coming to Canada, so Canadians will have a hard time getting their hands on one when it releases. Still, if the price range that appeared earlier this week is accurate, Canadians who are looking for a decent phone at a fair cost are better off buying the OnePlus 7T.

Image credit: Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24)

Source: OnePlus