Chrome may get new functionality to increase users’ laptop battery life

The functionality could save users up to two hours of battery life

Google Chrome on Pixel 4

Google is reportedly working on a way to reduce energy use in the next version of Chrome that could save users two hours of battery life.

TheWindowsClub found an experimental feature in Chrome that closes unnecessary JavaScript trackers when a user has an open tab in the background. Google has reportedly tested the functionality with 36 open tabs and found that it saved two hours of battery life.

Google performed another test while playing a YouTube video and found that the new feature saved 36 minutes of battery life. Although this isn’t as drastic as the two hours, it’s still useful.

TheWindowsClub notes that the functionality is available as a flag in early builds of Chrome 86, and that it would be applied to all desktop and mobile versions of the browser.

Since Google is simply testing the feature right now, it’s possible that it may never actually be part of an official roll out. If it does become an official functionality, it would certainly be a helpful one and could attract more users to the browser.

Source: TheWindowsClub, Engadget