Google says it fixed Gmail filter issue that let spam into users’ inboxes

Spam messages were allowed into users inboxes, and other messages weren't sorted properly

Gmail’s spam filters recently stopped filtering spam, but Google says it has now fixed the problem.

As noted by Android Police, starting July 1st, Gmail’s spam filters seemed to stop working for several users. It appears the problem mainly affected Europe, but users in the U.S. also reported issues. A thread also popped up on Reddit detailing the problem.

While some users report that they received an influx of spam, others note that emails that typically land in Gmail’s ‘Updates’ or ‘Promotions’ folders ended up in the primary inbox.

A Google spokesperson told Android Police that the company found and fixed the problem. Further, the spokesperson said that Gmail’s anti-malware and harmful content scans remained operational. You can see the full statement below:

“We have identified and since fixed the issue of a small number of promotional emails and spam being incorrectly sent to users’ primary inboxes. During this time, scans to filter malware and the most egregious spam and harmful content remained fully operational. Additionally, Gmail users remained protected by the many other features such as link protections and download time security scans which apply for messages in the inbox.

We have no reason to believe any accounts were compromised as a result. If you happen to notice a suspicious email, we encourage you to report it as spam. More information on how to report spam can be found by visiting our Help Center.”

Source: Android Police