Apple’s 3rd-gen AirPods rumoured to feature same chip tech as AirPods Pro

The third-gen AirPods are tipped to also look similar to the AirPods Pro


Apple’s third-generation AirPods will reportedly feature a system-in-package (SiP) similar to circuitry featured in the higher-end AirPods Pro.

This rumour comes from often reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and was first reported by MacRumors. A system on package refers to the method of combining more than one circuit together, according to Semiconductor Engineering. Apple’s second-generation AirPods were first released back in April 2019, so it’s possible a refresh could be released somewhat soon.

In theory, this shift in circuitry should allow Apple to pack more tech into the latest version of the standard AirPods. It’s possible this could be an indication that the company plans to bring a form of noise-cancellation to the AirPods Pro. For example, while the AirPods Pro feature active noise-cancelling that takes into account the ambient sound in a room and adjusts accordingly, the third-gen AirPods could feature more basic noise-cancelling that blocks out minor background noise.

Previous rumours have suggested Apple plans to launch new entry-level AirPods that look very similar to the AirPods Pro at some point during the first half of 2021. The AirPods Pro feature an in-ear design and shorter stems compared to the standard AirPods’ more traditional earbud fit and longer stems.

Along with new AirPods, Apple is also reportedly working on a pair of over-ear headphones. While the headphones were rumoured to be revealed during the tech giant’s WWDC keynote, they didn’t appear. It’s possible Apple could have plans to reveal its long-rumoured over-ear headphones during its annual fall hardware event this coming September.

There are rumours circulating that Apple could stop including EarPods with the upcoming iPhone 12 series in an effort to push AirPods sales.

Source: MacRumors