Google+ finally gone after Google rebrands mobile apps as ‘Currents’

The demise of Google+ has been long and slow, but it's over now

Google+ is truly gone now.

After shutting down personal accounts last year, Google as officially replaced the failed social network’s enterprise-facing variant with Google Currents.

The demise of Google+ has been long in the making. Google announced plans to shut down its failing social network but later accelerated those plans after identifying security vulnerabilities. Throughout the shutdown process, Google announced plans to roll out its Currents network for businesses, which is essentially a streamlined version of Google+.

Currents can help people within an organization communicate with each other. Further, users can post and comment on discussions, see content in a news feed-style “home stream” and sort the content by relevance or chronologically. On top of that, G Suite admins can moderate discussions if needed.

The Verge reports that Currents is now generally available. With that, Google has also rebranded its Google+ apps on Android and iOS.

Interestingly, this also isn’t Google’s first product called ‘Currents.’ The search giant previously offered a magazine app called Currents until 2013. Google then replaced the app with Google Play Newsstand, which itself was replaced by Google News.

Source: The Verge