Amazon’s Alexa app is now hands-free on Android and iOS

Unfortunately, the app still needs to be opened for voice control to function

Amazon’s Alexa app is now hands-free with both Android and iOS handsets thanks to a new update.

To activate the voice assistant, you’ll need to open the Alexa app manually or with Google Assistant or Siri. After doing this, you’ll be able to activate Alexa with your voice, just as you would with an Echo speaker to control your home.

The Alexa app has always been able to control your smart home. Before, however, you’d have to activate it manually and press a button for voice control. Now, just with your voice, you’ll be able to use the wake word to make the Alexa blue bar will appear.

For the feature to work, you’ll need to update the app. Afterwards, you’ll get the option to turn on hands-free detection along with a new setting to disable the feature at any time.

The functionality is set to launch globally over the next few days.