Rogers and Bciti partner to offer smart city solution for Canadian municipalities

The platform offers digital access to municipal services and real-time communication with residents

Rogers has collaborated with Montreal-based Bciti, an innovative smart city platform provider, to offer cities a platform for real-time communication with residents.

The collaboration aims to deliver critical smart city services to Canadian cities, and to help ensure that residents can remotely access important municipal information from home or on their smartphone.

Bciti provides a secure ecosystems of digital services that allow residents, users, and cities to be “smarter together.” It connects multiple systems, such as open data and IoT, to centralize information, and uses AI to facilitate decision making within an app.

“Rogers, alongside Bciti, now offers cities of all sizes the ability to better connect with their citizens through this cost-effective, integrated, and secure smart city platform,” the carrier noted in an emailed press release.

The platform and mobile app are designed to easily integrate with existing city websites and allow users to track requests in real-time, and also view upcoming community events and meetings.

Further, the platform also includes a ‘Bciti ecoLocal’ feature that allows community businesses to sell products through the app for in-store pickup or home delivery from a local partner. The app also includes a dashboard that uses AI and city data to anticipate residents’ needs.

“Through this collaboration with Bciti, Rogers is helping Canadian cities and their governments keep residents connected and informed with 24/7 digital access to a full range of municipal services, as well as real-time community alerts,” said Dean Prevost, the president of Rogers for Business, in the press release.