Spotify launches generator to create personalized workout playlists

The generator uses your selections and personal tastes to create a playlist

Spotify has released a new playlist generator to create a customized soundtrack for your workout.

The streaming service notes that it uses a combination of your tastes and quiz selections to create a mix. The quiz starts by asking you how long your workout session is going to last. You can choose a time limit as short as 15 minutes or go as long as two hours.

Next, you choose if you want your playlist to either only include music or podcasts, or a mix of both. Spotify then asks if you’d like to include explicit content in the playlist.

From there you have to select the type of workout you’re going to do, such as yoga, running, biking or cardio. Then the quiz asks if you’re working out out by yourself, a partner, virtually with a friend, a pet or your kids.

Next up you have to select your ‘workout vibe,’ which could be ‘totally zen,’ ‘get movin’, ‘ready to dance,’ ‘pumped up’ or ‘need motivation.’ Then you can choose one or two genres that you’re looking for in your playlist.

Lastly, you can review your selections and pick a name for your playlist and upload a cover photo for the playlist if you want to.

Once you do all of this, your workout playlist is ready. The length of the playlist depends on how long you said that your workout session would last.

Although Spotify already has several workout playlists, this new generator is quite helpful if you want one that is catered to your tastes and workout style.

You can access the playlist generator here.