Android 11 lets you swipe up from other home screens to return to the main one

If you hold and swipe it'll bring you to 'Recent Apps' instead

Android has launched a new feature that I honestly didn’t know people ever wanted. There’s now a quick way to jump back to the main home screen if you’re on a secondary home page.

Before the addition of the new gesture system in Android 10, you’d easily be able to do this by tapping the home button. Now, with Android 11, you can quickly swipe up from the bottom of your display to instantly return to the main home page. You can swipe up from anywhere on the bottom that’s next to the Pixel bar. Swiping above the Pixel bar will bring you to the app drawer. And if your swipe isn’t quick enough, you’ll get directed to the ‘Recents’ overview selection.

This new gesture isn’t exactly new. If you’re in an app and wanted to quickly return to the homepage, you’d have to swipe up quickly from the bottom. The only difference now is that you can do this from other secondary, tertiary or whatever home screen you’re on.

According to Android Police, this feature isn’t new to Beta 2, which launched yesterday, but has been around for a while.

Source: Android Police