OnePlus owners can get their hands on an exclusive ‘Fortnite’ dance emote

'Bhangra Boogie' is all yours if you own a OnePlus 3 or newer OnePlus smartphone

If you own a OnePlus 3 or newer OnePlus smartphone, you can now get your hands on a free exclusive Fortnite dance emote.

The code for the ‘Bhangra Boogie’ emote is available in the OnePlus store for a limited time only.

The free emote can be used on any skin in the battle royale game.

Exclusive branded skins have been part of Fortnite for years now. In the past, the popular IKONIK skin — which is no longer officially available — was tied to several Samsung devices.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus exclusive skin itself isn’t the first time that Epic and the phone brand have teamed up on Fortnite content.

The companies recently struck a deal to have Fortnite run at 90 frames per second on OnePlus 8 devices, which is a first on mobile for the battle royale game.

Source: OnePlus