‘Slide for Reddit’ removed from Play Store over impersonation claims

The developer behind Slide hopes to get it back up on the Play Store soon

Unofficial open-source Reddit app Slide has been removed from the Google Play Store, according to a Reddit post from the app’s developer.

Android Police says the claim for the app’s removal from Google’s mobile store relates to an impersonation violation based on its intellectual property policy. The issue could pertain to that the app’s name, ‘Slide for Reddit,’ even though the app is a Reddit client.

This isn’t the first time Google has gone through this song and dance with Slide. Currently, the app’s developer, Carlos Crane, hasn’t heard anything back from Google on its explanation of the removal.

He remains optimistic and is hoping to have Slide back up as soon as possible.

“Google bots have struck again and Slide is temporarily unavailable on the Play Store,” Crane said in the Reddit post.

“I’m working with Google on the issue and hope to have Slide back up soon!”

Currently, the app has accumulated more than 100,000 downloads but it remains to be seen if or when Slide will be back up on the Play Store.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police