Chatr launches refreshed look and new brand promise tagline

The carrier's new tagline reads: 'Now, you make the call'

Rogers’ flanker brand Chatr is launching a refreshed look and brand promise ahead of its 10th anniversary this summer.

The carrier’s new tagline is ‘Now, you make the call.’ Chatr notes that the tagline “sets the tone for what is to come as Chatr focuses on delivering increased flexibility, affordability, predictability and new ways to give customers more control.”

Chatr says that the refresh reiterates its brand promise to put customers first and set itself apart in the competitive prepaid market.

Its says the new brand promise is centred around giving customers more control and offering wireless services that are on the customer’s terms.

This comes as Chatr recently launched two new credit cards that aim to help customers build or rebuild their credit. The credit cards aim to help residents who would not typically qualify for other credit cards.

Source: Chatr