Elon Musk cancels ‘Standard Range’ Model Y

Musk said that the range wasn't up to par

Elon Musk has stated on Twitter that Tesla isn’t going to be selling the Standard Range Model Y after all.

When Tesla first announced the Model Y, Musk said that there would be a ‘Standard Range’ trim option that would release after the Long Range options for a discounted price.

Now, it’s no longer an option, according to a recent tweet from the eccentric CEO. Musk says that the distance the Standard Range Model could travel wasn’t enough to meet the company’s standards, so Tesla decided to scrap it. For reference, the range was supposed to be somewhere around 370km.

There are reports that Telsa has reduced prices on the Model Y’s Long Range trims, but based on our prior reporting, those discounts aren’t reflected on the Canadian Tesla site. That said, Tesla has yet to release the Single Motor Long Range option, which could be cheaper and more accessible for consumers. It’s expected to have a 483km range.

When the company first announced the crossover, the Standard Range was priced at roughly $51,915 CAD and the Long Range Single Motor cost $64,000. Hopefully, the Long Range vehicle’s price goes down at least a few thousand dollars to make up for the loss of the base trim.

Still, either way, most people should be buying the longer-range Tesla trims since battery life is the most critical factor in an electric car.

Source: Elon Musk