Assembly of First Nations Alberta launches app to communicate with members

The app is currently being used to provide daily COVID-19 updates

The Alberta chapter of the Assembly of First Nationals Association (AFNAB) has launched an app to communicate with its members in the province.

The app was developed by Edmonton-based Aivia Design and Technology Engineering, and uses push notifications to directly reach users.

AFNAB is going to use the app to quickly send information about news and events to its members. The app also provides members access to important documents.

It’s currently being used to reach Alberta First Nations with a daily COVID-19 update, which provides a compilation of all the relevant coronavirus-related developments and news.

“Using an app is an innovative way in which we can lean on the latest technology to make sure that our leaders and our communities are connected and informed to information we receive at a national level,” Regional Chief Marlene Poitras said in a press release.

The app is available for download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Image credit: Assembly of First Nationals Association  

Source: Assembly of First Nationals Association