Chatr launches new top-up payment option called ‘Day Pass’

The new payment option costs $2 or $3 per day depending on your plan

Chatr has launched a new top-up option called ‘Day Pass’ that allows customers to stay connected until they’re ready to make their full monthly top-up.

The carrier says the new daily payment option lets customers get continued access to talk, text and data for a small fee if they are unable to make their full monthly payment on their anniversary date.

Day Pass is available for $2 CAD per day for Talk and Text plan customers, and $3 per day for Talk, Text and Data plan customers.

“The daily service plan for Talk, Text and Data customers includes unlimited Canada-wide talk & international text and 250MB of data per day with reduced speeds thereafter,” Chatr explains. “Talk and Text customers will receive Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & International Text.”

The Rogers-owned carrier notes that customers can continue services on a daily basis for a maximum of 30-days.

Chatr says that in order to enrol in Day Pass, customers will get a text from the carrier the day before their anniversary date. Customers can then reply “enrol” to begin the payment option. Alternatively, customers can text ‘Begin’ to 4962.

You can unenroll from Day Pass by making your full monthly top-up payment, after which you’ll be automatically unenrolled. Or, you can text ‘Break’ to 4962.

This new payment option comes as Chatr announced a refreshed look and brand promise focused on setting itself apart in the competitive prepaid market and giving customers more control.

You can learn more about the new payment option here.