Ontario, B.C. and Manitoba search the most for ice cream in Canada: Google

Canadians really like ice cream

Ice cream

In anticipation of National Ice Cream Day on July 19th, Google has revealed Canadians’ top ice cream-related searches.

Most notably, here are the top 10 Canadian cities searching for the popular frozen dessert from January to July 10th, 2020:

  1. Markham, Ontario
  2. Windsor, Ontario
  3. Coquitlam, B.C.
  4. Milton, Ontario
  5. Vancouver, B.C.
  6. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  7. Cambridge, Ontario
  8. Toronto, Ontario
  9. Hamilton, Ontario
  10. Victoria, B.C.

Further, Google says overall searches for “homemade ice cream” in Canada have reached an all-time high.

Meanwhile, Canada’s five most searched types of ice cream are:

  1. Ice cream cake
  2. Homemade ice cream
  3. Keto ice cream
  4. Mochi ice cream
  5. Vegan ice cream

Additionally, here are Canada’s most search flavours:

  • Banana ice cream
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Pistachio ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Coconut ice cream
  • Coffee ice cream
  • Mango ice cream
  • Avocado ice cream
  • Oreo ice cream

Finally, these are the most search ice cream ‘how to’s’:

  • How to make homemade ice cream
  • How to make ice cream in a bag
  • How to make vanilla ice cream
  • How to make ice cream cake

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons