Watch With Friends app lets users make virtual Netflix viewing parties

Syncing up social distance streaming parties on Netflix can be difficult, but new app Watch With Friends helps solve the issue.

The app lets users create a viewing party that works with Roku and Apple TV devices.

Watch With Friends, developed by Caavo, requires both the host and party guests to download the app. Afterwards, the host creates a watch party group and adds a direct link to the Netflix show or movie. When the guests use the app, they’ll get to join the party and then Watch With Friends will identify the Roku or Apple TV and play the show.

The app also sports a built-in chat, allowing users to talk to their friends and watch TV or movies.

It’s important to note, that each friend will need their own Netflix account and their own Apple TV or Roku devices with the companion app. Only the host requires the Watch With Friends account, however.

Caavo wants to expand to other services but for now, it only works with Netflix. The new Watch With Friends app is available on iOS, Android and as a Chrome Extension.

Via: The Verge