Canadians are heading to YouTube for their sports fix

Google has revealed that many Canadians are turning to YouTube to get their sports fix as COVID-19 put a stop to live sports for several months.

According to Google Trends, ‘top 20’ sports searches have increased by 250 percent for the month of May year-over-year.

Additionally, Google says that creators, sports leagues and broadcasters have found new and innovative content to connect with fans. For example, Sportsnet as done virtual gatherings with online watch parties and showed off Joey Bautista’s iconic bat flip with Bautista himself.

FIFATV also showed soccer games with “#WorldCupAtHome.”

Some athletes are also entertaining while quarantining. Canada’s P.K. Subban has been using YouTube to show people a glimpse of his life.

Other athletes taking to YouTube include Serge Ibaka, Carmelo Anthony and Jimmy Butler.

YouTube is also showing off new sports like marble racing, as well as new channels that show off people’s love for sports. One of these channels is Beyond the Court, which features a group of seven long-time friends talking about basketball and asking questions like, “Who is your 2020 NBA MVP?”

While some sports are on pause or might go back on pause — because c’mon, look at the U.S. — you can head to YouTube in the meantime.

Source: Google Canada