Google working on smart tattoos to add buttons to your body

Even tattoos could eventually be tech

Google is developing smart temporary tattoos that can transform whatever part of your body it’s applied to into a touchpad.

The smart tattoo project isn’t being worked on by Google itself, but rather the search giant is funding a team of academic researchers through its Google Faculty Research Awards program. 

The concept of these tattoos, which are being called ‘SkinMarks,’ is to allow people to touch or swipe part of their body to trigger a response on their phone and other devices, according to CNET. 

The more interesting aspect of this is that you can use several skin-specific controls as well. For example, if you placed a SkinMark on your finger or knuckle, the movement of that part of your body could trigger some kind of response or digital action.

The video above goes into much more detail, but it’s a few years old, so hopefully, the company has come a lot further since then.

There doesn’t seem to be much more information shared so far, but it’s still a fascinating project none the less.

Source: CNET