OnePlus shares more OnePlus Nord specs in community forum posts

The device is stacking up to be a great smartphone

In two separate posts on its community forums, OnePlus has confirmed several important screen and camera specs regarding its upcoming Nord smartphone.

The camera

In the camera post, a OnePlus staff member named Simon Liu, who says that he’s worked on the Nord, explains that the team opted to use a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle, a 5-megapixel depth sensor, and a macro sensor on the rear.

On the front, there’s a 32-megapixel primary selfie camera and an additional ultra wide-angle lens for selfies of lots of people at once. Liu says that the team has been working with the Sony IMX586 sensor for a while, so it was a natural choice to include it in the Nord since OnePlus has many features already developed for it.

He doesn’t share what the megapixel count of the ultra-wide front-facing lens is, but he says that it has a 105-degree field of view.

The screen

Shawn L writes the post about the screen, and he’s a bit lighter on the details. He mentions that the Nord has a 90Hz display like the OnePlus 7 series and the OnePlus 8. The main difference here is that the team has been able to boost the touch sampling rate this time to 180Hz within games to make it easier for people to maintain pinpoint accuracy.

Chipset and extra details

While there might not be much on the screen, the post does confirm that the phone is running off a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G chipset with a dedicated AI engine to help with Google Assistant support. The phone also features 12GB of RAM, which should make it quite snappy.

The final section of the post also mentions that the Nord is going to come with the Google Dialer, Messages and Duo right out of the box, which is excellent for people who like to download those apps anyways to use them on OnePlus smartphones. To me, the only other OnePlus apps that I wish the company would replace with the Google versions would be Contacts, Calculator and Clock.

This all sounds like good news, but it’s still sad that OnePlus isn’t bringing the phone to North America. That said, based on our prior reporting, the Nord is supposed to cost around $760 Canadian, so there may be better phones in that price range.

Source: OnePlus, (1)