Chrome for Android to enhance web logins with new ‘Touch to Fill’ feature

The feature is appearing in the Chrome Beta for Android

Google Chrome

Chrome for Android is beginning to streamline the process of web logins with saved passwords with a new ‘Touch to Fill’ feature.

Last month, Chrome for Android started to redesign its autofill system with a new autofill bar for things like addresses and payment methods. It now appears that Chrome is looking to enhance this experience even more.

Users on the Chrome Beta for Android are reporting a new feature called ‘Touch to Fill.’ Once users enable this feature, it adds a ‘Touch to Fill’ sheet to the keyboard accessory which will be shown instead of the keyboard when a password can be filled.

9to5Google notes that when users open up a website that they have saved a password for, the ‘Touch to Fill’ prompt will appear when they click on the box to enter their account details.

A sheet with your saved logins will pop up, and you can expand it and swipe through it. Here you can also choose to manage your saved passwords.

Since this feature is present in the Chrome Beta for Android, it’s possible that it could be rolling out soon.

Source: Techdows Via: 9to5Google