Twitter reportedly testing new icons, splash screen for iOS app


Twitter is reportedly testing new iOS icons and a new loading screen.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, a survey sent to the Twitter Insiders program asked members for feedback on four icon designs. One of the four is the current Twitter icon for the iOS app.

The survey reportedly asks which icons users prefer. The results could impact which icons Twitter offers in its app.

It’s worth noting that apps on iPhone and iPad can include multiple different icons. Many apps let users change the icon based on their preference. Some apps include different colours of the same icon, while others feature entirely different looks.

It seems Twitter is considering adding multiple icons to its iOS app. Users would then be able to select from different options to customize the look of their home screen.

Of course, it’s also possible that Twitter leaves things as they are and doesn’t add new icons. Plus, new icons are probably low on the company’s to-do list right now considering the recent hack and security concerns.

9to5 also shared a GIF of a new splash screen that Twitter is reportedly testing. You can see it above and a GIF of the current splash screen below.

Source: 9to5Mac