Bell offering $80 plans with 20GB of unlimited data

Rogers is also offering a very similar plan

Bell has altered the price of its 20GB unlimited data plan once again.

This time the plan costs $80 CAD per month instead of the $85 or $95 we’ve seen it priced between for the last few months.

Bell isn’t the only carrier offering this deal either, with Rogers and Telus listing similar deals. However, Bell’s plan doesn’t allow you to share this data pool with other devices like a tablet or smartwatch.

The plan also includes Canada-wide calling and texting, but be warned that this deal is for new activations or upgrades, so existing Bell customers can’t switch over to this plan without getting a new device.

It’s also worth noting that users who go over their 20GB limit will have unlimited internet usage but throttled down to 3G-like speeds of 512Kbps.

You can find out more about the deal on Bell’s website. 

Source: Bell