Fido customer receives offer for 20GB data per month for $65

Check your account for this deal

Some Fido customers are being offered a pretty awesome deal that nets subscribers a lot of extra gigabytes of data at an affordable price.

RedFlagDeals user ‘Nikyk’ received an exclusive promotion on their Fido account offering them the choice of $65 for 20GB of data or $75 for 30GB of data.

The deals also include the following:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
    Unlimited International text, picture, video messaging
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail
  • Data Overage Protection (Fido will pause your data once you’ve reached your limit to prevent you from going over)

Nikyk only recently published the post, so at the moment, it’s unclear how many subscribers are being offered this deal. One RFD user says that they were offered 20GB for $80, which isn’t really on the same level if you do the math.

Typically, Fido’s parent company, Rogers, offers 20GB of (unlimited data) for $95 per month — though there’s currently a deal offering 20GB for $80.

Last month Fido offered 5GB of data for $45 per month, and also 5GB of bonus data for 24-months.

If you’re getting offered $65 for 20GB of data, you should grab it quick as this isn’t the type of deal you see very often. Make sure to check your Fido account to see if you’re one of the lucky subscribers offered this deal.