Rogers offering limited-time $80/20GB Infinite plan deal

It's unknown when this promotion will end

Rogers is currently offering its 20GB Infinite plan for $80 per month, which is a $15 discount from the usual $95 per month.

The carrier’s Infinite plans all offer unlimited usage with a cap on high-speed data. In this case, customers get 20GB of high-speed data. Any usage beyond that is throttled to a maximum speed of 512Kbps.

Along with the data, customers get unlimited Canada-wide calling, text, picture and video messaging, voicemail, call and name display, as well as call waiting, forwarding and group calling. The plan includes access to Rogers’ Roam Like Home service, the Rogers app and online billing.

Additionally, the $80/20GB plan is eligible for Rogers’ add-a-line discount of $10 per month per additional line, allowing you to potentially get a $70/20GB plan.

Rogers hasn’t specified when the promotion will end, but notes that it’s available “for a limited time only.”

Bell is also currently offering a $80/20GB promotion plan.

You can learn more on Rogers’ website.