Quibi finally lets you take screenshots, but it doesn’t work how you might think

Quibi isn't making it easy for people to like it

Given how Quibi is all about short, bite-sized mobile TV shows, it seemed strange that the streaming service launched without the ability to take screenshots of its content.

After all, what better way to spread the word about the struggling platform for free than with memes and funny screenshots?

For context, streaming video services like Netflix and Apple TV+ feature DRM that prevents users from capturing screenshots of the apps’ content. This makes it harder to record and pirate TV shows and movies from the services. Still, it seems strange that Quibi also blocked this functionality since it emphasizes mobile so heavily.

Now, Quibi has announced that it’s finally adding the ability to take screenshots to the service. That said, snapping a screenshot probably doesn’t work how you think it would.

Instead of allowing users to take a screenshot of their entire display like most apps on Android and iOS, Quibi says users will need to press and hold the screen to reveal a menu and then slide their finger to an on-display screenshot button.

Quibi is reportedly struggling to keep subscribers following the expiration of 90-day free trials. According to Sensor Tower, only eight percent of its early subscribers have converted into paying users.

The service also recently added AirPlay and Chromecast support, allowing subscribers to cast the platform’s content to televisions.