YouTube Music comes to Android TV via the YouTube app

Functionality is rather limited, though

Google has rolled out YouTube Music to Android TV via the YouTube app.

The service has been added to the YouTube app through a server-side update that rolled out over the past few days.

Now, a new tab in the sidebar will let you see your recent YouTube Music mixes and listens alongside ‘Daily Mix’ and other generated playlists. That said, you can’t actually browse other music while a song is playing. Further, you can’t have a song play in the background, either.

It’s unclear whether Google plans to expand YouTube TV’s Music functionality in the future. In the meantime, the update does seem to have made some solid changes, as well.

The most apparent tweak is that the update reworks the look of the icons on the sidebar. Additionally, some users are reporting that HDR is working on more Android TV devices following the update.

Via: Android Police