Google Duo now lets users apply filters before starting a video call

It's a minor but fun addition to the app

Google Duo’s latest update now lets users apply AR effects before answering a call, which is something you could previously only do during a call.

Android Police notes that all you have to do is select a contact, tap to start a video call and then choose an effect from the available options by clicking the icon located next to the red hang-up one.

Once you do this, the filter you selected will be applied while the call is ringing. If you have the Knock Knock feature enabled, then the person you’re calling will see your face with the filter before they pick up. If you don’t, then they’ll see it once they answer the call.

Although this is by no means a significant update or change, it’s a fun one that can be useful. For instance, kids can use it when calling their grandparents. The new feature is available in v94 of Duo.

Source: Android Police