Amazon refreshes Alexa app homescreen

The shopping list is now front and centre

The Amazon Alexa app is getting a facelift with a new proactive ‘Home’ screen that’s more user friendly.

Beyond the Home page, the ‘More’ section has been packed with a few of the features that have been moved from the now-removed side menu.

The homepage is now filled with quick access tiles that should offer users the right info at the right time, once the algorithm learns how you use the app. This means that your Amazon shopping list will always be pinned to the homepage along with music controls and any upcoming reminders or alarms.

Scrolling down on the Home page presents users with a plethora of Alexa tips, such as recommended commands, how to send messages between Echo devices, how to make Routines and more. This section should be handy for people who are new to the platform.

The More page is now home to everything that used to be on the main page and in the sidebar menu. That means this is where you’ll create notes, alarms, reminders and Routines.

You can also browse the Skills store and learn more things to try as well, but these options are still on the Home page.

The update has already rolled out to a few of my phones so it seems like most people should be able to update the app today.

You can download the Alexa app for free on iOS and Android.

Via: Android Police