Turn your life into a game with a randomizer app [Game of the Month]

If everything is random, is anything?

Sometimes we talk about mobile games in this column, but today I’m thinking outside the box by turning everything in your life into a game with a randomizer app.

Imagine if you left everything in your life up to chance, where would you go, and what would you do? I’m just kidding; I’m not taking things that far. However, these fun little apps can make picking what to eat, watch or do a bit more fun.

My interest in these apps began a few weeks ago. My girlfriend and I decided to go through all the movies on the Stars streaming channel and make a list of what we want to watch and then do it in random order.

That led me to the Randomizer by Giannis Macheras on Android. The app allows you to flip a coin, pick a random number or letter, and so much more.

The best feature is the random lists. With this, you can create a list that’s as long as you want and then the Randomizer will spit out items from the list randomly. This is what I use to choose movies now, and it’s pretty fun. Plus, it helps streamline picking a movie every night.

If you’re on iOS, there are lots of other options, but the one I choose to recommend is Random: All Things Generator because it allows you to use the random list option without paying for the premium subscription. There are several other randomizer apps so finding one you like shouldn’t be a problem, but this was my favourite.

Overall, having an app like this in your pocket can be a fun way to help make decisions and take the chore of deciding things out of your life.