McDonald’s Canada mobile app rewards program now includes fries

You can now earns rewards on coffee and fries

McDonald’s Canada has revamped its mobile rewards program to include fries as a new reward option for customers.

The fast food chain says since one in three orders include McDonald’s fries in Canada, the new rewards option gives customers another way to get rewards.

“Now our guests can earn even more rewards on the food they love through our easy to use mobile app. And who doesn’t love free fries,” said Lara Skripitsky, the chief technology officer at McDonald’s Canada, said in a press release.

The program provides a reward after seven qualifying purchases. The purchase can be any size hot beverage and now any size fries, even those included as part of a meal.

McDonald’s iOS and Android app allows users to save favourite menu items, pay for food and beverages from their phone, and collect and earn rewards on coffee and now fries.

It’s worth noting that McDonald’s mobile app suffers from widely reported security issues and still does not feature two-factor authentication.

Source: McDonald’s Canada