Samsung reportedly designing chip for Google that tracks body movements

The South Korean tech giant is reportedly both designing and manufacturing the custom chip

Samsung has reportedly been commissioned by Google to create a custom chip that tracks body movement, according to a report from South Korean publication ETNews.

The report details that Samsung is reportedly not only manufacturing the chip, but also designing it as well instead of building a chip based on another company’s design, which is usually the case.

There isn’t any detail about what device this Samsung-made chip would debut in, but XDA Developers notes that it will likely appear in some sort of upcoming wearable made by Google. This makes sense considering Google’s recent push into wearables and its acquisition of Fitbit.

It’s worth noting that Google has designed a few of its own chips, including the Pixel Visual Core and Titan M, which are used in Pixel phones. This chip, however, will quite different because its main function will be to track users’ body movements.

It’s important to remember that nothing in this report has been confirmed and that both Samsung and Google have yet to comment on it.

Source: ETNews, XDA Developers