Twitter launches new API for third-party developers

The social media giant is trying to rebuild its relationship with developers

Twitter logo on a phone

Twitter has rolled out its new API software for developers after previously delaying the launch due to the recent high-profile hack.

The new API will make it easier for third-party developers and businesses to build on its platform. The Verge outlines that the new launch is Twitter’s way of attempting to fix its relationship with its developer community.

For context, Twitter started to limit how developers could build on its platform in 2012. This meant that developers could no longer customize the Twitter experience in their own clients. Twitter decided to prioritize its advertising business, and ended up slowly blocking developers from new features.

With this latest API, the social media is offering developers access to features like “conversation threading, poll results in Tweets, pinned Tweets on profiles, spam filtering, and a more powerful stream filtering and search query language.”

The social media giant outlines that today’s release includes the first set of new endpoints and features that it’s launching for developers.

“With the new API, we are building new elevated access options and new product tracks, so more developers can find options to meet their needs,” Twitter notes.

It outlines that it’s also going to do a better job of of sharing its plans with developers in advance through its public roadmap.

Source: Twitter, The Verge