Surface Duo to get three years of software, security updates

Microsoft joins the small club of Android manufacturers promising at least three years of updates

While living in Canada may mean delayed access to fancy new smartphone gadgets like Microsoft’s Surface Duo, it does give us an opportunity to scope out a new device before it goes on sale.

Since Microsoft announced the Surface Duo on August 11th, several details have emerged about the device. Some, such as the lack of NFC, may be of concern, while others, like software support, look pretty good.

Microsoft confirmed to Android Authority that the Surface Duo will get three years of OS and security updates. That may seem like a hefty commitment considering the Duo will be Microsoft’s first Android phone. However, it’s worth noting Microsoft also manages updates for Windows devices — Android updates on a smartphone shouldn’t be too difficult.

The commitment also puts Microsoft into a small group of phone manufacturers that promise multiples years of software support. That includes Google with its Pixel devices and now Samsung with the S10 series and newer. OnePlus also often provides three years of security updates and two years of major OS upgrades.

Although Microsoft’s three-year commitment is good, I do think companies should promise more support. Apple is by far the leader in smartphone software support with most of its devices seeing updates for at least five years. Considering most people hold onto their phones for a long time, companies should offer more support than they currently do.

Source: Android Authority