Apple may have accidentally revealed September 10 live stream event on YouTube

Someone spotted an Apple livestream scheduled for September 10th, which could be for the iPhone announcement

Tim Cook during iPhone 11 series reveal keynote

Apple tends to be incredibly secretive with upcoming events. However, the company’s typical esoteric front slipped for moment earlier today when it accidentally scheduled a livestream on its YouTube account for September 10th.

The slip-up was spotted by Twitter user ‘WeiRdCroissant.HODL,’ who shared a screenshot of it with The Verge’s Dieter Bohn. According to the Twitter user, the scheduled live stream showed up on their YouTube subscription page. They managed to grab a couple of screenshots before it was removed.


Currently, Apple’s YouTube channel doesn’t list any scheduled events.

While a slip like this might be par for the course for other companies, it’s proven an attention grabber for Apple followers. The California-based company is expected to launch new iPhones in the fall with support for 5G. Of course, Apple has also confirmed that it expects its 2020 phones to ship a few weeks later than usual. With all the unknowns surrounding the new iPhone lineup, it feels like Apple is keeping even more secrets than usual.

Still, with a September 10th event potentially on the way, it could mean we’ll learn all about the new iPhones in just a few weeks.

Source: Twitter Via: CNET