Fortnite holding another Marvel crossover next season

It seems as this crossover likely has something to do with Thor

It looks like Fortnite is launching another Marvel drop. This new event for Chapter 2: Season 4 starts on August 27th.

Epic Games tweet about the upcoming event doesn’t contain any additional information, unfortunately. The tweet includes three emojis: a hammer, a lightning bolt, a rainbow and a short video of what looks like an older Thor. I’m totally guessing, but there’s a possibility this has something to do with Thor and maybe Valkyrie, one of the only LGBT characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

However, recent rumours indicate that the upcoming event relates to Wolverine and Thor cosmetics. 

This wouldn’t be the first Fortnite and Marvel crossover. Previously, Epic offered a limited-time mode that allowed players to become the main MCU villain, Thanos. Another limited-time event featured Captain America’s shield, Hawkeye’s Bow, Iron Man’s blasters and Thor’s Stormbreaker.

There was also even a recent Deadpool crossover event.