Tile offering limited edition Canada-themed trackers on its website

Tile also offers other limited edition trackers with unique and fun designs

Fans of Tile Bluetooth trackers can buy snazzy versions with unique designs, including a new ‘Canada’ theme tracker.

Available on Tile’s website, ‘Limited Edition Collection’ Tile trackers come in a variety of designs. The Canada design features trackers with red maple leaves on them. Customers can pick between one Tile Pro in black with red leaves or a Tile starter pack with one Tile Mate and one Tile Slim in black and white, respectively (and with the red leaves).

The Tile Pro costs $36.99, while the starter pack costs $52.99. The Pro, unfortunately, isn’t much of a deal coming in about $2 more than the regular version with no maple leaves. However, the starter pack is a slight discount. Tile doesn’t currently offer a non-limited edition starter pack on its website, so you’d have to buy the Tile Mate and Tile Slim separately for $54.98, about $2 more than the limited edition starter pack. Elsewhere on the Tile website, it indicates the starter pack usually costs $54.98 and is currently on sale for $52.99.

Aside from the Canada-themed Tiles, the company offers several unique designs. There are food themes like ‘Top Dog’ and ‘Sweet,’ citrus themes with various fruits like lemons and oranges, and more.

All in all, if you’re thinking about buying some Tile trackers but want something more exciting than the standard black or white colours, these limited edition Tiles are the way to go.

You can buy the Canadian Tile trackers, or check out all of Tile’s limited edition trackers, on the company’s website.