New leak suggests OnePlus 8T is around the corner

I wouldn't be surprised to see this phone release at some point in the next two months

A new leak from the fourth developer preview of Android 11 for OnePlus devices has revealed a render for a phone many are assuming is the OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus often releases a ‘T’ version of its flagships with some minor improvements, or a lower price tag and fewer features. For instance, last year’s 7T had a flagship processor, but its overall design wasn’t as unique as the OnePlus 7 Pro that came out before it.

This year OnePlus has already released the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, Nord and there are rumours of a low-cost device called Clover as well.

The patch notes from say the render is labelled it as the 8t. The notes claim this leaked image is from the ‘About Phone’ section of the device’s Settings. 

The phone looks similar to the OnePlus 8, but it has a flat-screen like the Nord instead of curved edges. The leak mentions that the phone should have at least one high-end 64-megapixel camera, suggesting the phone is going to have a high-end camera setup.

Based on the eaked image, it looks like the OnePlus 8T is also going to come in a similar teal colour as the Nord and the 8 Pro. The wallpaper used in the render is also a variation of the main stock OxygenOS 11 wallpaper, so it seems like this phone is going to launch with the updated OS. This means it’s likely going to come out in October or later.

Beyond that, there’s nothing else that can be gleaned from the leak.

I hope that the device is just a slightly faster OnePlus Nord with a better camera and improved build quality. It would also be great if the phone retains the lower price from last year’s OnePlus 7T, which launched at $800 CAD but has been discounted to $670 for most of 2020.