New amusing Apple ad places emphasis on privacy

Apple has long boasted its commitment to privacy, and the company’s latest ad continues to push that message.

Dubbed ‘Over Sharing,’ the ad includes different people publicly sharing information they typically keep on their phones. For example, one man in the ad shouts on a packed public bus that he “browsed eight sites for divorce attorneys.” Another shows two coworkers yelling private chats across a room.

The examples shared in the ad correspond to different Apple services and the privacy features they include. Safari, Apple Maps, Apple Pay and iMessage, for example, all match up with different parts of the ad. It ends with the following message: “Some things shouldn’t be shared. iPhone helps keep it that way.”

More recently, Apple added a setting to its upcoming iOS 14 release that would hamper tracking in apps. On the surface, it sounded like a good move, but after closer inspection, the change does more to hurt businesses that rely on tools, such as one provided by Facebook, for advertising. It does little to stop Facebook from tacking users within its apps, and worse, doesn’t impact Apple’s ability to gather information on its users.

Further, Apple’s software has struggled with several security issues recently. For example, security researchers uncovered a serious vulnerability in Apple’s Mail app, although Apple claimed there wasn’t evidence the flaws were exploited. Last year, a teenager uncovered a security flaw in Apple’s Face Time software.

Of course, that’s not to say that Android devices don’t have flaws, or are better on the privacy and security front. However, the open nature of Android does allow privacy-conscious users to customize their phones and strip out invasive software.

For that matter, Apple’s iOS 14 also introduces some welcome privacy improvements, including a tweak to how the OS handles clipboard content. That change has already exposed hundreds of apps for snooping on users’ clipboard data.

Source: Apple Via: CNN Business