Google Chat to get read receipts for direct messages soon

Read receipts won’t be visible in group messages

Google Chat has been transitioning users from Hangouts for quite some time and is now getting ready to add a missing feature from the classic app.

The tech giant has outlined in a blog post that it’s rolling out read receipts in Google Chat with the next update.

“No sooner than October 5, you’ll be able to see when your Google Chat direct messages have been seen. This will only apply in active chat windows for one-on-one conversations on Android, iOS, and the web,” Google notes.

Google outlines that in these messages, users will see the avatar of the person they’re chatting with to the right of the last message they’ve seen, which is similar to other apps like Facebook Messenger.

“Read receipts will show a sender when a message has been read by the recipient or if the recipient has replied to a message from a notification. Read receipts won’t be visible in group messages or rooms,” Google states.

Although it’s a minor update, getting read receipts in Google Chat may be important for some people who have missed the feature from Hangouts.

Source: Google