Android web browser Kiwi might be coming back

It also might be working on a developer platform for Chromium browsers

After a rough year, Android browser Kiwi seems to be back on track as the developer pushes out a new update.

None of the updates bring many new features, but it’s nice to see the browser back up and running after being kicked off the Play Store earlier this year. The browser got the boot from Google after allowing users to listen to YouTube in the background without a YouTube Premium subscription.

One of the more interesting things that’s come up in the new Kiwi updates is that the team is thinking about partnering with another Android browser named Brave to create a better platform for Chromium-based edge browsers to develop on.

This should help developers implement security updates to their browsers faster while netting rid of each browser’s individual features, according to Android Police.

Kiwi is available in the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Police