Elon Musk says Full Self-Driving Autopilot beta coming out in about a month

He didn't seem sure about it, though

During his time on stage during Tesla’s annual Meeting of Stockholders, company CEO Elon Musk mentioned to a crowd of people in Tesla cars that the Full Self-Driving beta will come out in “about a month.”

As Musk talked his way through Tesla’s achievements since last summer, he finally landed on Autopilot’s improvements over the year. Near the end of this section of his presentation, he mentioned that he’s running the Alpha build of the new Autopilot that uses 3D object recognition. He thinks beta testers are going to get their hands on it in about a month.

The new version of Autopilot had to be rebuilt. The team behind the software found that the foundational code wasn’t built in the right way to facilitate 3D labelling and other advanced computer techniques needed for self-driving cars.

Musk has a history of promising things like this at his events and then not delivering on time, so we’ll have to see how this one turns out. When he said it at the stockholder’s meeting, it appeared as though he thought about it for a moment and then made an educated guess about when the beta would be ready. It did not seem like a planned announcement of any kind.

That said, the beta is definitely coming at some point, and the way that Musk talks about the new autonomous features makes it seem like it’s going to prove that self-driving cars will happen sooner than people think.

Source: Tesla Stockholder Meeting