Telus ranks first globally for highest average download speeds: report

Bell followed in second place


Telus has been recognized as the “Global Winner” for average download speeds, according to Opensignal’s new Global Mobile Network Experience report.

The report outlines that Opensignal users observed the highest average overall download speeds in the world while on Telus’ network.

“Excellence in download speeds appears to be something of a Canadian specialty, with Telus being the sole Global Winner with a score of 75.8 Mbps and its closest rival being its Canadian peer, Bell,” the report reads.

Rogers has also been recognized as a Global Leader for the Download Speed Experience category. The report outlines that the average download speeds observed by Opensignal users on each of the Big Three’s networks were at least 32.6Mbps faster than the global average.

“Canada and South Korea were statistically tied for the highest global average download speeds seen by our users. It is therefore perhaps not surprising that the Global Winner and four of the Global Leaders for this metric hail from these two countries,” the report notes.

Further, the report found that Telus is also a Global High Performer in Video Experience and Upload Speed Experience. Rogers and Bell are also Global High Performers for Upload Speed Experience.

“Canada’s Telus both placed as a Global High Performer for video and had the highest Video Experience out of all the North American operators we assessed,” the report reads.

“Telus’s scores beat all the other national operators in the region on four out of five measures of the Mobile Network Experience: Video Experience, Voice App Experience, Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience,” the report outlines.

The carrier is also a Global Rising Star for Download Speed Experience due to the 40.3 percent increase in the average overall download speeds observed by Opensignal’s users on its network between the first half of 2019 and the second half of 2020.

Opensignal notes that despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, many operators have been able to significantly improve the mobile network experience of their users.

The data required to conduct this global report was collected from 95,876,800 devices from January 1st to June 28th of 2019 and 2020. The report is based on a total of 403,023,311,230 measurements.

Image credit: Opensignal