Walmart Canada to offer more PS5 pre-orders on September 25

Prepare for them to go live sometime in the "morning," says Walmart

PS5 box

Walmart Canada has confirmed that it will begin taking more pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 on Friday, September 25th.

In a tweet, the official Walmart Canada Gaming Twitter account noted that these will only be offered on, not at any Walmart stores.

However, Walmart did not provide a specific time for when pre-orders will go live besides a vague “morning” window. It’s also unclear whether this will include both the $629 CAD standard PlayStation 5 and its $499 disc-less Digital Edition counterpart, although it presumably will.

In any case, Walmart’s listing for the regular PS5 can be found here, while the Digital Edition page is available here.

Both PS5 models will launch in Canada on November 12th.