Freedom Mobile offering 20GB Big Gig plan for $60 per month and more

Freedom is also offering 11GB for $40, 13GB for $45 and 14GB for $45 BYOD plans as well

Freedom Mobile is offering a Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 20GB for $60 per month plan.

Typically priced at $75, the plan offers unlimited data with speeds reduced beyond 20GB, as well as unlimited talk and text.

The best thing about this plan is that it’s available for both bring-your-own-device/phone (BYOD/BYOP) and customers looking to purchase a new smartphone. Typically plans this affordable are only available to BYOD customers.

Freedom says that the plan is only available for a limited time.

The $60 price includes the $5 digital discount if you set up pre-authorized payments and redeem the “Digital Discount” promo code.

Roughly a month ago, Freedom was offering a $55 for 20GB Big Gig plan for BYOD customers.

For those looking for something cheaper and that are fine with not having unlimited data speeds that reduce after a certain allotment, Freedom is also offering 11GB for $40, 13GB for $45 and 14GB for $45 plans as well. Once your allotment of data is up, you’ll need to either stop using data or pay for more. These plan deals are only available for a limited time and are only available for BYOD customers.

Freedom’s website seems to indicate that all of these plans are available in-store only. That said, I was able to go through almost the complete sign-up process online so that that information might be incorrect.

Source: Freedom Mobile